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  • Harklinikken – The World Leader in Hair Loss Treatment

    Founded in Denmark in 1992, Harklinikken Clinics are recognized as the leading hair loss treatment facilities in the world due to their unrivalled results. Harklinikken clinics are located in Denmark, Germany, Dubai and now – in the United States.

    Europe’s Best Kept Secret

    What has been Europe’s “best kept secret” for treating hair loss is now available in America. Harklinikken’s founder Lars Skjoth is a Danish scientist whose revolutionary treatment for hair loss contains all natural proprietary products individualized for each patient via a customized serum.

    65,000 Patients Worldwide

    Lars Skjoth has personally treated more than 65,000 women and men of all ages and ethnicities around the world experiencing hair loss. Harklinikken patients include international celebrities, royalty, renowned entertainers and business tycoons. Coverage about Harklinikken’s success has been chronicled in international media including: European Vogue, Elle, Aficionado, FOX News and more.

    Unparalleled Results

    Harklinikken’s ethics, transparency and outstanding patient results set the brand apart from other hair loss treatment programs. Each treatment regimen is tailored for the individual patient to deliver the best results. Common benefits of Harklinikken’s hair loss treatments include: increased confidence, improved health of the scalp, and most importantly increased hair health and density. Click to Hear from Harklinikken Patients.

    Are You a Candidate for Harklinikken?

    The outstanding reputation of Harklinikken has continued to solidify as clinics carefully screen every patient prior to accepting them into treatment. Only patients who are determined to be candidates for effective results are accepted. Not all causes of hair loss are treatable. When this is the case, patients are not accepted into the Harklinikken program. Click here to take a new client evaluation.

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