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Harklinikken Hair Restoration treats men and women experiencing hair loss due to a range of hair and scalp disorders. There’s no need to suffer another day with embarrassing hair loss (or unsightly hair/scalp condition).  Effective hair restoration help is available right here in Tampa. Harklinikken’s internationally acclaimed restoration programs have been helping people restore their hair – and self-confidence – for more than 35 years.  Where other methods have failed, Harklinikken products and treatments have been able to deliver restorative results. The proven European hair loss treatment system is now available to you through our Tampa hair restoration clinic.

Products to Improve Hair Density

Tampa Hair RestorationHarklinikken offers an entire line of hair products as well as their powerful hair and scalp solution that is individually formulated to meet the needs of each patient.  Our product line is proven to to enhance hair quality and density, whether affected by diet, genetics, hormones, or age.

Products include:

  • Topical Extract Solution
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Styling Gel
  • Styling Wax
  • Hair Spray

Your Harklinikken Hair Restoration hair loss specialist will prescribe the ideal combination of products. Your clinician will show you how to continue your treatment regimen at home and adjust our treatment regimen as needed to achieve optimal results.

Home-Based Treatment

Clients meet in a Harklinikken clinic with a hair clinician who formulates a treatment plan made specifically for their hair care and hair restoration needs. Clients continue the treatment regimen at home using the products in their customized treatment plan.

Treatments Can Vary

Usually, an extract, made of plant derivatives and fatty acids is applied to the scalp and is used with a specially formulated shampoo. The customized treatment plan is developed to address each client’s specific needs with respect, to thinning, hair loss and scalp health. Therefore, the components that are included in each treatment can differ, depending on the client.

Visible Results in as Little as 90 Days

Typically, customers will see results in as little as 90 days when treating hair loss or specific scalp conditions. Products include the extract that is applied to the scalp, shampoos, conditioner, styling gel, styling wax, and hair spray.

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Take the first step toward restoring your hair and your self-confidence. Schedule your hair and scalp assessment today. Your Harklinikken hair loss specialist can recommend a program that treats your condition, delivering significant improvements in hair density and overall hair and scalp health.

Harklinikken is well known throughout Europe (and the world) for treating hair loss as well as a number of scalp disorders, including dandruff, fungus, irritation and dryness in both men and women.  Our hair restoration system works by identifying the underlying causes of hair and scalp conditions, then providing a targeted and individually tailored hair loss treatment program. This cutting edge approach to treatment is available in our Tampa hair restoration clinic.