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Hair TransplantsIf you’re seeing scalp through your hair and your hair loss is only getting worse, you may be a perfect candidate for hair transplants. Effective, natural looking, non-invasive hair transplantation help is available here in Tampa.

Haarklinniken is recognized around the world as a leader in the forefront of hair transplantation technology.   Specializing in Follicular Unit Extraction, Haarklinikken offers effective hair restoration with hair transplants in both men and women.

The internationally acclaimed Haarklinikken Density Improvement Program (DIP) incorporates herbal extract hair restoration therapy along with (if indicated for you) hair transplantation surgery. We believe it is important to revive and maintain the existing hair as well as replace the hair that has been permanently lost.  Haarklinikken has been helping people restore their hair – and self-confidence – for 35 years, even when other hair transplantation methods have failed.

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Hair Transplantation Exam

As instruments and techniques have evolved, the FUE method has become minimally invasive and preferred by a large majority of people seeking hair transplants. Not only that, the inclusion of blunt dissection for grafting has made it possible for the procedure to be performed with decreased damage to hair follicles as well. Because the FUE method does not leave linear scarring, our patients are able to wear their hair short if they so choose. Active people respond well to Haarklinikken hair transplants because they heal faster and can resume regular tasks and activities shortly after undergoing the procedure.

We also perform hair transplantation using the the traditional extraction method. There are some advantages to this method and a Haarklinikken hair loss specialist will be able to go over the best option for your case. Below are some photos and brief explanations of the difference.  Don’t forget to see our Results Page for more photos.

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Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE method, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction, is a hair transplant method that involves extracting follicular units of hair (or units of 1 to 4 hairs) by making a tiny cut in the skin around each unit, thereby separating and extracting it from the scalp. This follicular unit of hair is harvested along with other units until the surgeon has collected all the units required for transplantation.

FUE Donor Site

FUE Donor Site

The process can be quite tedious as it has to be undertaken with the utmost care and precision. Typically, the wounds left by the extraction of the follicular units are about 1 millimeter each and will heal in a minimal amount of time or, on average, around a week to ten days. The small wounds usually form into tiny white scars at the sides and back of the scalp from where the donor hair is usually taken.

Both the hairs and the scalp must be FUE compatible. That’s why Haarklinikken performs a thorough analysis on each patient. We don’t accept all patients into our hair transplantation program – only those who will benefit significantly! If we accept you, expect great things from the Haarklinikken FUE hair transplant method.

Traditional Hair Extraction

Strip Site Before and After

Strip Site, 6 Months Post-Op

In traditional transplant procedures, hair transplant surgeons typically remove donor hair from the back of the scalp using a means of removal called follicular unit transplant, or FUT, for short. In this procedure, hair for transplant is taken in the form of one lengthy, slim strip all within a very short period of time. After removal, the strip of hair follicles is divided into single follicular units using an advanced microscope which allows each follicular unit extraction to be harvested without transection.  This method of extraction can be accomplished while leaving minimal, even invisible scarring.

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Haarklinikken is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the treatment of androgenic hair loss. Directed by Dr. Lars Skojth, Haarklinikken has successfully treated more than 42,000 clients at clinics in Denmark, Norway, Germany and the United States. The Haarklinikken in Tampa is the latest of the Haarklinikken treatment centers.  The Tampa Hair Transplant Center is led by Dr. Brett Hirsch, hair transplantation surgeon, and Dr. Panos Vasiloudes, MD, PhD, FAAD, FAAP, FASMS.