Density improvement program

DIPDIP® is the latest development in the efficient treatment of  hair loss. Pioneered by Haarklinikken, the Density Improvement Program is a combination of FUE hair transplantation and an individualized treatment system using our hair restoration extract products. DIP offers a two tier approach for individuals who want to achieve the maximum hair restoration.  Our Density Improvement Program aims to replace hair that has been lost and restore the remaining hair to a healthy state. This is done through the use of the following processes:

1. FUE or follicular unit extraction hair transplantation

The FUE method, also known as follicular unit extraction, is a hair transplant method that involves extracting follicular units of hair (or units of 1 to 4 hairs) by making a tiny cut in the skin around each unit, thereby separating and extracting it from the scalp. This follicular unit of hair is harvested along with other units until the surgeon has collected all the units required for transplantation.

The FUE method removes the extra step by individually removing the hair from the scalp rather than dissecting follicular units later with the aid of a microscope. This method is minimally evasive and offers the shortest recovery time and least scarring.  Many patients report complete recovery in a matter of days.


2. Hair restoration extract treatment

In order to achieve the best results, we recommend combining the FUE hair transplantation with our individually formulated restoration extracts. Our extracts are individually designed for each patient, taking into consideration their hair type, hair loss history and individual restoration needs. The ingredients are individually combined to create a unique product for each patient in order to maximize the reconstruction of hair quality.

Our hair restoration extracts are an effective treatment for hair loss even without FUE transplantation.  Many of our patients have seen significant results with extract treatment alone. Our proprietary ingredient formulations have been developed through 50 years of clinical study.  They include BCB and PH shampoo, Balsam, Ektract, Styling gel containing Aloe Vera, and hair sprays containing perfume and preservative. Each of these ingredients is used for different purposes and at different times as prescribed by Haarklinikken.