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3 Most Common Reasons Teenagers Lose Their Hair

Hair loss among teenagers is fairly rare. But there are still many different occasions where teenagers may lose their hair. The majority of these reasons are only temporary. When it does happen, it can be extremely embarrassing; that is why it’s so important to pinpoint the exact cause of the hair loss. This way, the problem can be addressed and the teenager can overcome this embarrassing experience.  Reaching out to a hair restoration specialist is an important first step when determining the actual cause. Below are the three most common causes of hair loss in teens.

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The Connection Between Hair Loss and Exercise

Exercising is very beneficial for your health and will enhance your lifestyle. Your weight will be kept under control, you will have more energy, your mood will be lighter, and you will sleep better. With all those perks, exercising raises a question. Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

The answer is yes. You can actually exercise too much and cause strain to your health. People who excessively exercise are usually concerned about how they look. Therefore, the fact that excessive exercise has a side effect of hair loss should probably concern them.

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Hair Loss : True or False

There are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding hair loss.  As a result, some pretty obscure and outlandish myths have emerged.  But which far-fetched-sounding ideas are true and which are false? Some examples of myths are below, but it’s important that you speak with a Tampa Hair Replacement professional to be sure about the specific causes of your hair loss.

Not True!…

Hair loss and baldness are two different issues.  While there are plenty of things that cause temporary hair loss, there are very few actual instigators of baldness.

Your mother is to blame for your bald head.
While the primary baldness gene is on the X chromosome (which comes from mom), there are other factors that affect hair loss.  Additionally, baldness is not limited to the maternal side of the family.  Studies show that men who have bald fathers are more likely to have hair loss issues than men with hairy fathers.

Wearing a hat all the time causes hair loss.
To cause hair loss, a hat would have to be so tight that it cuts off circulation.  A dirty hat, however, can be troublesome.  Using a dirty hat can lead to scalp infection, which would cause hair loss.  To avoid such a situation, wash or rotate hats regularly.

Using tons of hair products causes hair loss.
No need to avoid the styling products – they don’t cause baldness.  Shampoo, washing your hair frequently, and dandruff aren’t to blame either.  So slather on all the gel, mousse, and hair spray that you want.

To cure hair loss, stand on your head.
If you have been buying into this myth, the only thing you have accomplished is providing entertainment for family and friends.  Granted, standing on your head will increase blow flow to the scalp.  But hair follicles need more than just blood to make hair grow.

Using a brush on your hair is better than using a comb.
Excessive brushing leads to split ends, not baldness.

To make your hair grow back thicker, cut it often.
This is a common misconception.  Because hair is thicker at the base than it is at the tip, hair will appear thicker after it is cut.  In reality, your hair will grow about a half inch each month no matter what you do to it.

People who spend excessive amounts of time in the sun are more susceptible to baldness.
Not true.  Tanning beds don’t damage your hair either.  Hair loss happens at the follicle level.  Therefore, rays would have to penetrate all the way through your hair to do any damage.  Ironically, your hair is actually a shield for your scalp.

Coloring your hair causes hair loss.
It is very true that hair coloring products contain chemicals that can seriously damage the hair itself if used improperly.  However, there is no truth to the claim that it is an instigator of hair loss.

If you are bald, you are old.
Oh contraire.  Hair loss can strike as early as the teenage years.  In fact, it is quite common among 20 and 30 year-olds.  Sadly, in all probability, the earlier hair loss begins, the more severe it will be.


There is a Little Bit of Truth…

While many ideas may sound far-fetched, there are actually quite a few surprising issues that can cause temporary hair loss.

There is a correlation between hair loss and diet.
While there is no proof that a particular food is beneficial or detrimental to hair growth, a poor diet can affect hair loss.  Malnutrition and vitamin/mineral deficiency (specifically iron deficiency) can and do affect hair health.

Trauma and stress can cause hair loss.
Major life events like surgery, excessive amounts of stress, loss of a family member, rapid shifts of weight (loss or gain) and many other situations can cause temporary hair loss.

Hormones affect hair loss.
A hormonal imbalance can cause temporary hair loss.  Instances like pregnancy, starting or stopping birth control, and menopause cause dropped locks.  But have no fear – once the hormonal imbalance is rectified, hair health will return to normal. Speaking to a doctor about a hair transplant in Tampa will help you determine the causes of your hair loss.

Medical and lifestyle causes of hair loss

Hair loss can be traced back to a wide variety of causes.  In addition to genetic predisposition, there are other factors than can lead to loss of locks.  Underlying medical conditions and damaging lifestyle situations are just two categories of hair loss instigators.  Hair loss has been identified as a side effect of the following circumstances:

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Understanding hair science

If you are a young man you have probably never given your hair much thought.  But as we age, hair tends to dominate our thoughts.  In fact, as it starts to thin and fall out, we find ourselves quite desperate to maintain our luscious locks of youth.

To fully understand hair loss, we must first study the science of hair.  From the structure to the growth cycle, hair is actually quite complex. Read more →

Effluviums – a type of hair loss affecting the growth cycle

Some hair loss conditions go by the name “effluvium.”  The name means “a flowing out” and can affect different phases of the hair growth cycle.  Specifically, effluviums affect the telogen and anagen phases. It is always important to understand the underlying causes of your hair loss so that the appropriate Hair Restoration method can be assigned.  I encourage anyone dealing with hair loss to seek the assistance of one of our Tampa Hair Restoration by filling out the Request for Consult Form.

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Hair loss and transplants for women

This article will discuss Hair Transplants and Hair Restoration in women.

Although women lose their hair for a variety of reasons, most of the time it is due to changing hormones. Sometimes this hair loss is temporary. Hair loss may occur after giving birth to a child or starting or stopping the use of birth control. Severe emotional stress and major illnesses (and their treatments, such as undergoing chemotherapy for cancer) are also common culprits when it comes to women losing hair temporarily. Women suffering from temporary hair loss are not good candidates for Tampa Hair Transplants, as the procedure is unnecessary in the long term. A dermatologist or a clinician at our Tampa Hair Restoration facility can evaluate your records to see whether the hair loss is temporary or permanent and then recommend an individual treatment plan. Read more →

Causes of hair loss

There are a variety of reasons for hair loss in men and women, some of which are temporary and others which are permanent. Discerning the cause of hair loss is one of the first steps in treatment and restoration. Read more →

Hair loss causes you might not expect

If you are looking in the mirror and wondering what happened to your hair, here are a few possible reasons for the loss.  Identifying the specific causes of your hair loss is the first step when determining the best Tampa Hair Restoration method you should use. Read more →

Haarklinikken’s hair loss treatment products

Haarklinikken’s hair loss treatment process involves using a variety of extract-based Hair Restoration products, all of which are available at Haarklinikken’s newest hair care clinic in Tampa, Florida. Applying these personal products is an important part of the Haarklinikken Density Improvement Program (DIP), which has been employed by thousands of clients all over the world. This Hair Loss Treatment approach is carried out by using products that have been custom-made for each individual client. Read more →