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Haarklinikken’s hair loss treatment products

Haarklinikken’s hair loss treatment process involves using a variety of extract-based Hair Restoration products, all of which are available at Haarklinikken’s newest hair care clinic in Tampa, Florida. Applying these personal products is an important part of the Haarklinikken Density Improvement Program (DIP), which has been employed by thousands of clients all over the world. This Hair Loss Treatment approach is carried out by using products that have been custom-made for each individual client. Read more →

Surgical vs non surgical method of hair restoration

There has been a significant increase in interest hair replacement over the past several years.  With the increase in technological advances; there are many surgical and non surgical options available.  Ideal candidates for all options have a healthy growth of hair and the back and sides of the head.  For surgical procedures these will serve as the donor area where grafts and flaps are taken from. Read more →